Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happy Fish

A while ago I found Lori Rase Hall's video painting demo, where she shared her technique for making gorgeous water-colours. It really inspired me back then and I made a few that I felt made the grade, and a few that were flops :) If you like speed painting, have a look here and here. It's magic to watch.

Once the main colour goes on (after patiently waiting for each section to dry) the design is embellished with patterns & lines and with a deeper colour & consistency of paint, or using pens. Last easter weekend I re-visited the technique and spent the whole day practicing. This was the best result and I'm looking forward to doing some more. Practice, practice, practice!


  1. Your art is beautiful, Patti! The colors are amazing! xo, O

  2. the colors and patterns are just gorgeous. a cheerful painting

  3. Love your Happy Fish ! Oh, I have to spend the whole day practicing ? How lucky for me ! :)
    Enjoy the paint slapping.
    Big Love to you, Talented One.

  4. These are stunning Patti, I love the colours - I will have to have a look at those videos this looks like fun :)


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