Friday, 7 December 2007

Five Really Good Things

1. Starting a 'proper' hard-backed journal to embellish, decorate, write and play in, to keep forever. See first double page above and below.

2. So many people loving the feline artwork posted earlier. Thank you for the compliments!

3. My son practicing his guitar in the evenings (this years early christmas gift from us) I never get tired of listening to him play.

4. Donating three of my paintings to the Salvation Army to be sold for charity this Christmas.

5. Morning walks on the beach, nothing ever beats it!


  1. I have never attempted such a journal. Maybe I need to do that! Patti, I LOVE your style - truly, truly, truly! And being one of your Believing Mirrors is easy to do - because YOU ROCK!!! Not only are you an amazingly talented woman, but also such a good and healthy and sincere soul. How grateful I am to have connected with you over this past year. Love, E.

  2. Patti
    These pages are great! I can just see them framed and hanging on a wall - which is my problem and probably why I never get a journal made - using both sides of the page precludes hanging on walls.

    So - are you using watercolors? The yellow into red on the edges is lovely!

    well - I thought I had blogger fixed so I could sign in, but apparently not.


    My son plays drums. when he lived at home I always had band practice here. I loved it too - they did original music. Husband plays drums by himself (not as much as he would like to), and I enjoy that. There's something about music being made in your home space that is peaceful (even with drums. =])

  3. HI Patty,
    I'm listening to George Harrison and looking into a bright orange-red melting heart surrounded by soulful worlds and symbols of nature. And I'm thinking how fine it is that you have given paintings to the Salvation Army and that your son plays the guitar!
    Have a lovely weekend, your paintings are glowing.

  4. Those are five very wonderful things indeed! All your work is so warm and inviting. I love coming over to your Universe to check it out. Starting a journal filled with art and collages etc. sounds like a very fun project.

    *Happy Winter*

  5. Lovely journal pages. YOu do have 5 wonderful blessings. Have fun with the journal drawing as you listen to your son's music. My son also plays guitar! I think of you as I shiver and you walk on the beach. Trade places? Have a nice Saturday. (Maybe it is already Sat there or are you a day behind?)

  6. Just beautiful!!! I know what you mean about the music practice. When I shared a house w my brother, I used to beg him to practice piano.

  7. ooo-la-la, that journal is gorgeous!
    I cannot get over the range of talent you have.
    I collaged a journal cover not so long ago, and it looks so grade 2 art project. lol!
    And oh YESSSSSS!!! The "feline" is fabulous! Yay for you!

  8. martie: http://marties-place.typepad.com10 December 2007 at 20:38

    Patti - what a beautiful post! I am so glad you shared these 5 things will all of us, and I wish I was there to bid on one of your pieces at the Salvation Army auction. You certainly have demonstrated the true meaning of the season in your generosity!

  9. this is lovely, the colours are so rich.

  10. Hi Patti, hope everything is ok and that your morning walks are delicious. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, I find it very fascinating that you spent time in Papua N.G. and would be interested to hear more about the mud-men:) I very much liked your thoughts concerning prevail of cultur and cultural integrity etc.
    I wish you a nice day,

  11. These are wonderful, Patti. So vibrant and alive and joyful!


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