Sunday, 28 October 2012

Small Spaces

My tiny office space.....  I love my small spaces in the villa, they are so intimate and cosy!

We lived for a long time in a large home with many bedrooms and living spaces, yet our snug villa is so much more inviting. 

I have bought my 2013 Diary already and am looking forward to filling it up.  Planning  a small holiday for early next year after a predictably busy January.  Life is full!


  1. It is always so nice to read another post about your life here, Patti. I wish I was doing better on my blog about keeping up. Thank you for doing so here with yours. I am so glad that your life is full, that you are well, xoO

  2. I miss my intimate spaces - right now I just have big messes! And already have your 2013 diary!! You are embracing the future. Have a great week Patti!

  3. Time for me to buy my Women's Weekly Health Diary - love that one :) I agree about the smaller spaces but you have to have a place for everything and everything put away.


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