Saturday, 3 November 2012

Countdown to Christmas

This is our outdoor entertaining area at the Villa.  We have a lovely table and chairs to sit at, lots of plants in tubs & pots and plenty of shade, making it a lovely yin spot for hot summertime barbeques.

We have been purging a lot of old bits and pieces, springcleaning I suppose!  Always a good feeling to clear the decks!  We promised ourselves when we moved into the Villa that we wouldn't gather too much 'stuff' and have kept to this so far.

I read a post by Michell Chant recently on facebook, suggesting that we support small business and local people, markets etc for Christmas gifts, instead of the big players in retail.   What a great idea!  And who wouldn't love to avoid a Mall at Christmas time?  I did this last year and hope to do the same again this year.   Countdown to Christmas starts now!


  1. that is actaully a really good suggestion. Our local mall is gearing up for the big xmas rush already I feel, and it just makes me feel tired all those people and crowds!

    I think I will look into buying and supporting small business, what a great idea and give them a go instead of the already big retail names!

  2. Your outdoor area looks so inviting! I know you'll have lots of good times with friends and family here.

    We've cut down so much on Christmas gift giving and have it pared down to just the grandchildren now and even there we do mostly online for the UK kiddies. I love to look around craft fairs though and pick up things for birthdays for next year.

  3. I think it is a great idea to support local businesses and crafts people at the holidays. In addition, this avoids the mall experience. It has been years since I've gone in one as the whole thing is so overstimulating for me with the lights and crowds and loud music and variety of discord going on. Your place always looks so beautiful, xoO

  4. Love your outdoor space. How wonderful it would be to join you for a cup of tea (or glass of wine) out there! I LOVE to support local artists and crafts people. Sadly, with the cost of postage and my family scattered from one coast to the other, I'll be doing shopping on-line for a lot of items. However, it will be supporting artists and crafters rather than big retail stores. Small steps.

    Enjoy your upcoming weekend!!!


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