Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mirror, Mirror...........

This mirror I found today at my local Salvation Army store.  It's in really good condition and I am going to sand it and paint it.  An amazing find!  You can see Max sleeping in the background after a night shift then a hot and muggy Saturday.

His car, left as usual at a train station overnight, was broken into and vandalized yesterday.  Not a good day for him to come home to!  Thank goodness for insurance, hire cars and tow trucks!

Lately, I am making mixed media fish using my collection of seashells and other materials.  So much fun and a change of scene from simply painting!  Will show you soon!


  1. mirror is lovely and looking forward to seeing that mixed media art with the seashells... sounds v intersting and I am curious now!

  2. Look forward to seeing your mixed media fish...sounds intriguing Patti. I love finds like the mirror and the perspective that you shot the picture from is really interesting!

  3. So sad about the car being broken into! And you are right - thank goodness for insurance and all that it supports.

    A fab mirror! It will be fun to see how you give it new life. It looks pretty big and will be fun to refinish. The reflections are good - I feel like I'm stealing a look into your life!

    I also can't wait to see your mixed media fish! Sea shells will be amazing with them I am sure.

  4. I always try to focus on the positive side of an unfortunate incident, too, Patti. It is a blessing to have the resources to not be taken out by things...

    I have had a toothache for weeks and had been spending time trying to get it diagnosed. Finally an oral surgeon found bone loss and infection behind a dental implant and is going to take it out. I am hanging on until then and focusing on the blessings of having money to go to specialists, of having money to pay for the surgery, of the blessing of pain pills to tolerate (somewhat) the wait.

    I too am excited to see your work and glad you have some time to create.

    I also like the picture taken via the mirror. Seeing your legs and Max via the mirror is a perspective that is intriguing.

    Also, as always, remembering the opposite seasons...

    Peace and blessings, xoO


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