Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Test Run

Fish Test Piece

I've been having fun playing with shells, mosaic tiles, paint and shiny cardboard.  This pic shows my simple test piece, made to ensure that the glue sticks and the paint adheres properly to the 'corflute' board (a strong lightweight material) I am using.  So far so good!  I have a large piece to go inside a frame that I will work on over the next week or so.

A solution has been found to my market woes - I will be displaying my paintings in a few large wicker baskets for people to sort through, with maybe just one large painting displayed on an easel.  Although my stall won't have the gallery look I had previously, it will still have a nice market vibe and will no longer be prone to gusts of wind.  Amy who runs the market tells me that there are volunteers available to help me set up, so it's all systems go for the next market day in February 2013.  Yay!


  1. which market will you be at? just in case I go to melb and fancy a browse at the markets... ru at the one near the art gallery?

  2. I like it, Patti! And what a great solution to your market woes...good for you! xoO

  3. Exciting news about the market! And I love your shell-fish! You certainly captured the moving water in the blue. Have a great day!


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