Sunday, 9 December 2012



Today, as I usually do on sunny Sunday mornings, I walked up to buy the newspapers.  I love to make myself a coffee and sit outside under the shady umbrella and read/drift away in meditation for an hour or so............... 

The shoe store has been very busy this past week because of a summer sale.  Then in January it really ramps up with 'back-to-school'  ie. hundreds of school kids needing to be fitted for black school shoes!  I'm not complaining though, I really enjoy the buzz in the shop when it's full of people!

I have put my art market on hold for the time being, a pity since I will miss the potential of a pre Christmas market.  I have had problems with strong gusts of wind blowing over my paintings (not good for business!) Also, I no longer have a market buddy to help me set up since my son became a working man.    Not sure where I will go from here, so I'm taking a month or so to think about things.

The christmas tree and twinkling lights are up, a few gifts have been bought and wrapped and I will be spending Christmas day with extended family in Sydney, something we haven't done for years!


  1. Your Sunday mornings sound so very relaxing, Patti. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. It is always so good to see you here :) xoO

  2. Busy Lady! The photo is gorgeous and your Sunday sounds just wonderful. Enjoy your week! I really hope you don't have to give up your art market - you seemed to enjoy it SO very much!

  3. Just go with the flow, you'll find a way if the market is what you really want to do.


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