Saturday, 9 February 2013


Did I ever show you these?

These are my story boards, the first one finished, the second my favourite, the third in progress!

I love telling children's stories and love painting in bright colour too, a match made in heaven!

I had a market day today, assisted by my daughter and son.  Not so successful in terms of sales, though we did a lot of networking and talked through a possible large commission.  Fingers crossed for some good results there!  Lots of positive feedback on my art in general too!


  1. Love these! The Crommelins grand daughter is named Ruby, maybe they should buy this.

  2. If they're interested - $30 mates rates. Send me their address and I'll post for free!

  3. These are great, Patti! What a perfect pairing--your art and children's books! You keep moving forward at a gentle and positive direction, like a flower blooming...xoO

  4. Love the stories your art tells !
    Wishing you much art love !

  5. I love these! I love the idea of riding on a magic carpet - so I pick that as my favorite!

  6. I like these happy and colorful whimsical paintings very much! I think everybody who looks at them must feel happy in a second!


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