Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Cards Have Been Dealt

I created this art a long time ago in ink in my journal and decided to reproduce it in paint.  The idea being that we are alive in the womb with a blueprint of our lives, a hand of cards already dealt at the time of conception, that we must play the game of life with.  Most of it is about love being all around us, no matter what we may perceive.


  1. thats a powerful and meaningful piece Patti, what led you to journal it in the first place? and Love . . . something thats so important to all of us, and something we cant do without as soon as we are conceived!

  2. The photo is a bit dark here, but I can see some of the patti details. I am so in agreement about the love being all around us. Remembering that gives me comfort when the hand seems a little hard to deal with !
    Sending light and love !

  3. Your drawing is excellent and I can't wait to see the painted version. Love your newly painted dresser too!

  4. I love the dark, rich colours that pair so well with the dark, rich concepts.


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