Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Contemplation at the Villa

I've been busy in the outdoors this Spring, creating a meditative area complete with sunlounge, praying buddha and a few plants.  This spot used to contain our rubbish bins (now relocated) and is now transformed into a private, contemplative spot.

This is my front courtyard enjoying the sunshine.  I need some herbs planted here, they would love it!

My painting efforts have slowed down a little.  Springtime is for the outdoors and I get antsy if I have to sit inside for too long!

However, we still need our quiet times indoors reading and I recently bought a book called Gypsy by Sibella Court.  A lovely look at interiors & colour through the eyes of a seasoned traveller.  Very inspiring, I can recommend it!


  1. your makeover of your that spot in the garden is great. I love special quiet spaces in the garden, and yours looks lovely!

  2. I love reading about "found" space for things like contemplation. Wonderful.

  3. Just love your outdoor area - you must enjoy being outside in that gorgeous area.

    1. I do love being outside in my garden Martie! It's just so relaxing and rewarding to see our hard work pay off!


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