Sunday, 27 October 2013

In The City

This weekend I headed down to the city to help my sister celebrate her 60th birthday.  It's a hard life!


I stayed with my daughter and began the weekend with a picnic lunch beside the harbour.

My Daughter

 Then later we dressed up and headed into the city to my sister's apartment for the weekend for cocktails. Then off to dinner with family at a harbourside restaurant at The Rocks.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House at Night

In the morning my daughter & I walked across the harbour bridge to gather again with family for a hearty breakfast - poached eggs & bacon.  Afterwards we wandered around the Sunday markets before hopping on a ferry back across the harbour, getting off at Luna Park.

Luna Park
My sister had a ball and so did we!


  1. That harbour and bridge area of sydney are just something so special arent they?? I saw that Luna park from a ferry as it stops there but I actually went to the melbourne one and went inside - it was very nice there! didint go on the rides just explored!

  2. fun to see shots of this lovely city. glad you had a fun trip and time with your sister and family


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