Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Ink and watercolour - "shells and seedpods"

I found these prompts in the Sunday paper. They are so much fun, I think I'm addicted to them! You might like to try them too.

  • I am obsessed with - making art.
  • I can't live without - my family, without question.
  • I am petrified of - negativity.
  • I am proud of - my strength in adversity.
  • I really need to - cut down my food portions - I love my food!
  • I don't get why - if the small print is so important, why isn't it bigger?
  • I think alternative medicine is - a good thing to try, but always along with traditional medicine.
  • I relax by - doing Yoga/Gardening/Reading/Creating Art
  • my worst vice is - I haven't done this for ages cos I'm trying to give it up - vegemite (yeast extract) on toast with lots of butter.
  • my fridge usually contains - vegetables, cheese, olives, mineral water and mysterious items in jars at the back.
  • my teenage years were - lots of fun - days at the beach, movies at the drive-in, watching football, playing netball, dancing the night away.
  • my family is - the most important thing in the world.
  • my favourite thing is - breakfast on our deck reading the sunday papers with a good cup of coffee.
  • friends don't understand why - I don't seem to listen and retain info I've been told. Just absent-minded I guess.
  • attitude to exercise is - very good. I like to mix yoga with walking and gardening. It should always be relaxing.
  • my relationship with my body is - one of acceptance and gratitude.


  1. I always enjoy that bit in the paper - I also enjoy your sunny deck for coffee. The pink is nice in the artwork!

  2. Nice artwork - like the pink.

    This is fun, good answers. May give it a go myself when I have a spare 5 mins... in the middle of decorating and overhauling my son's bedroom, and the summer holidays started today :-0

  3. Your artwork is absolutely lovely!

  4. I LOVE this piece ... but then again, I love ALL of your work, my friend! Your flowing patterns ROCK!


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