Tuesday, 3 July 2007

"I'd Like To Be, Under the Sea.................."

Another friendly creature from under the sea.

I am currently working on another Bush Series painting - a moonlight grevillea, lots of green and yellow this time.

My son is on school holidays at the moment, so the house is full of kids again. I'm painting every chance I get and I'm back into Yoga, (I can't keep away!) it is essential after sitting still and focussed for a couple of hours. The garden is having its winter rest, which means I get a rest from garden chores too.

I am listening to birthday CD's - Missy Higgins latest (popular Australian talent) , Coastal Chill 07 - a compilation of laidback Australian musical talent and a Melanie album with her songs from the sixties Woodstock era. She is an acquired taste for some, but I love the raw and unusual sound of her voice, and of course I'm big on the sixties era, as you know.

Now, I am headed for the kitchen to make some meatballs and tomato sugo for dinner. They were debating on a radio show this morning about whether it was "authentically Italian" to add garlic to the tomato sugo. Me, I just love garlic, so it's going in! Ciao!


  1. I LOVE you creations ... I would kill to be able to pain like that ... I love the bright colours and sense of energy your paintings create ... if you have a show you have to invite me ... seriously I'll drive up from Canberra!

  2. i love this octopus! he's fabulous! and he made me smile. :-)

    i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. i wish you a year full of creativity, beauty, love and laughter.

  3. "..in an octopus's garden with you!" lol!
    This is the cutest piece ever! I love it!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday splash in the beer garden.
    (hope you didn't eat any octopus?)
    Stay with the yoga! I let it go for awhile and wow, I noticed how it really does a body good!

  4. Hope you had a lovely birthday, what kind of yoga do you practice? Namaste

  5. Sounds like life is good down under! :-)
    Love this little guy - great shape and colours .

  6. I do love the colors - vibrant and playful...You are so talented and bring so much joy. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I'm just learning pastels and how fun they are. You've shown me possibilities with color.


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