Thursday, 30 August 2007

Poetry Thursday - an open window

Poetry Thursday is no more. Thanks to the efforts of Dana and Liz we have had an amazing time sharing our poetry with other like minded souls, being inspired by each other each week.

I am so sorry to see Poetry Thursday go, however we are assured that we will be able to continue as a poetry community in the future.

So this is my last Poetry Thursday post, but certainly, not my last poem.

Through An Open Window

Sleeping softly on my sweet pillow,
sinking deeper with every breath,
a vibrant dream slipped in
through an open window
carrying me swiftly
to a place I knew somehow,
but had never been.
I saw things I understood,
but didn't comprehend.
Faces I knew,
but had never seen.
I reached out,
but couldn't touch you.
I wanted to run,
but stayed frozen.
My eyes snapped open,
dream potency thick in my head,
forgetting everything that was
and everything that wasn't.


  1. I like the dream atmosphere you create here, I certainly recognise that place known but never visited.

  2. I agree. I like the whimsicality.

  3. Dear Patti,
    you have put into beautiful words what we so often experience.

    thanks for the poem
    have nice days and dreams

  4. Dreams reflect our reality and our souls. They can free us.

  5. This is a vibrant telling of dreamstates.

  6. very nice, I like the dreamscape, I often find myself waking to dreams when the full moon is low on the horizon and shines through an open window

  7. Patti--Such a great painting of the dream world! It fascinates me to know so intimately my dreams, and two minutes after I wake up, only the barest remnants remain.

    Reaching, never touching...running, but frozen. Vibrant, yet soon lost.

    Yep, sounds like the dreams I know only too well, and not at all.

    Thanks, Patti!

  8. I am so happy I came here and discovered this poem. It is so moving. I love "dream potency thick in my head". Yes, you have captured it exactly. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  9. I love the image of a dream slipping in through the open window. And I love the surreal sense of seeing things/faces/places that you knew but hadn't been to or couldn't comprehend -- and how you couldn't touch and were frozen, when you reached out and when you wanted to run. This all created such a wonderful dreamlike feeling and I could totally relate to it. Really nice poem!


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