Monday, 31 December 2007

2008 - Humans Becoming

"We speak of ourselves as 'human beings' despite the image that the word 'being' conjures up - a fixed thing, a stable state. Yet we live in and are part of a universe that is endlessly fecund, inventive, ever changing, ever transforming itself. It would surely be better if we abandoned the term 'human being' and replaced it with 'human becoming'." - Darryl Reanney.

Max and I have spent the holidays doing what we always do. Reading. We always give each other books as gifts at Christmas and both love this peaceful summery time of year, sitting out on our leafy, sun and shade dappled deck under the umbrella, reading our books.

A couple of posts ago I wrote about six books on my bookshelf which seemed to track my spiritual journey through the cosmos. But I forgot to add one important book.

As with all things serendipitous, two days ago I was looking for another book, and this one literally fell in my path again. Approximately 12-14 years ago I read "The Death of Forever - A New Future For Human Consciousness" by Australian Molecular Biologist Darryl Reanney, and it was mind stretching to put it mildly. But I guess I wasn't ready for it all at the time and put it aside. My consciousness was incubating and evolving in spite of this and a couple of years later, Yoga came into my life. Looking back, this book probably marked the beginning of my spiritual journey. I have just finished reading it for the second time.

If you have read the "Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle, you may find that "The Death Of Forever" fills in many gaps for you. Darryl who sadly died from leukaemia in 1996, gives a a very spiritual conclusion to a book filled with scientific explanations, that seem to echo what we already "know".

He explores everything from "the biggie" - the fear of death, to the ego-self, psychology, choice, evolution, genetics and DNA, religion, time, quantum physics, 'the Big Bang' and black holes..... It is a book that wrangles with you and your beliefs and will contribute much towards your enlightenment.

He has also written a subsequent book called "After Death: A New Future for Human Consciousness" which I have yet to read.


  1. martie http://marties-place.typepad.com31 December 2007 at 23:44

    I've not read either of these books, but they are now on my "to read" list. Thank you.

    Happy New Year -- I wish that 2008 will be everything you need it to be.

  2. Lost my first comment. Wonderful gifts, books. The best. And lovely to picture you sitting outside to read. Delightful.

    Love the quote however quibble with the idea that the words human being are not an active description. Human done would be inactive. Being is an active verb and thus human being or becoming both describe (in my mind) a process not a finished product. I have always loved the words human being as I have always interpreted them as a process and movement rather than stasis.

    Your drawing of Iengar (sp) in a standing pose just drifted by on your sidebar. Lovely.

  3. How nice Patti, it sounds like a delightful time with your husband reading! I ordered Darryl Reanney's book from ebay...I'm such a fan of Tolle...I'm sure I'll enjoy it. A happy new year to you, with love, O

  4. On reflection I felt my critique of Reanney's distinction between being and becoming rather know it all and smartass especially when you were so kind to tell us about him, I'll look for the book, and use his quote for a New Year greeting. Hope it came across with a:) rather than a :(.

    I love the photo you posted too. Such a sense of the vastness.

  5. Quite the opposite Suki, you made me think about it a little more - always a good thing :)

  6. Thank you for the book recommendation. It sounds tremendous!

  7. Hello, my happy enlightened reading friend! I'll have to add these recommendations to my ever-growing list.

  8. Hi Patty,n your post makes me want to read this book and to take up yoga classes. And Suki's comment make me think about the german translation of human being. And right now my mind is getting confused with lots of questions arising. Arrrp. Mind stretching.

  9. Thank you! On my 'to get' list. Happy Reading to you, in the warm sunshine: we are freezing cold :-(


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