Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas Angels

This sleepy angel was made by my son when he was in Primary School. In typical male fashion, he still feels uncomfortable about the fact that he actually made a doll, with pretty eyelashes, wearing a dress, with ribbons!! Clearly it was girl stuff! But secretly, I think he's pleased that his creation sits on top of the family Christmas tree.

We have named the angel "Nan" after my mother Doreen. Doreen has dementia and lives in a Nursing Home. She is very sleepy these days. The nursing staff gently dress her in her nightie and tuck her into bed after lunch every day. She has become a baby again. In the mornings she sits in her chair, head tilted forward like this angel, fast asleep.

It got me thinking about the angels we come across in our day to day lives, that quietly and efficiently, do something special and meaningful for you, then simply slip away into the ether. So here are my nominations for Christmas Angels 2007.

  • The staff at Doreen's Nursing Home; for their patience and care and most of all, for their sense of humour. It helps my feisty mother surrender, rather than resist her lot.

  • Our friend Deano; who has been bringing us bags of sweet, juicy oranges from his brothers orchard and who gave us not one, but two boxes of Christmas lights, when he heard our last years set was on the blink. He is such a generous soul.

  • My Chiropractor; who efficiently and intuitively, in only one month, healed me. He was only working a 'stint' in my area and has now gone back to Sydney. He has changed my life and given me back my Mojo!

  • Blogging Angels; All of you bloggers out there. Yes YOU! Twelve months of blogging has connected me with so many truly beautiful souls, who make my day so much happier, with comments on my own blog and posts on yours, that always inspire and allow me to get to know you better.

  • Friends; There have been so many true friends slipping in and out of my life this year, doing special things for me behind the scenes. Simply special.

Now I feel like I'm on a roll and could go on seeing angels in every corner. Who are your Angels for 2007? I bet there are more than you can handle!

Ooops! Speaking of corners, please try not to notice the Daddy Long Legs spider in the top corner of my loungeroom! I haven't got the heart to squish them.


  1. myla.persianblog.ir20 December 2007 at 20:08

    Dear Patti,

    You are an angle yourself because of the way you look at people. And yes, I guess all the boys are like that, not wanting to show they, too, can be as passionate as girls! One of my sons, 10 years old, is very fussy about it!

    I thought about finding that great book of Artist's Way here. But I'm sure it wont be an easy job. I decided to postpone it till Feb, when I will come to Australia, Newcastle, for completing a one year course. Do you think it is still on the shelves?

    Anyway, I wish you and your family a great time during your holidays,

    Myla :D

  2. What a wonderful post of gratitude for the angels around you! Very heartwarming!

  3. martie http://marties-place.typepad.com20 December 2007 at 22:00

    An Angel Seeker and Friend of the Earth! How perfect of you Patti.

  4. Awesome angel created by your son!

    There are so many angels in my life - some seen, seem unseen .... but knowing they are there. They are kind and caring, selfless, compassionate, present, tender, loving beings. My list could go on and on.

    I love how you look at life - and people, Patti. You are, indeed, one of the angels on this planet.

  5. You are an angel too. I love your post, it is sweet and sad and happy at the same time. I send you my good wishes for you and all your angels, sleeping or awake, over the continents and waters. Have a nice day
    PS I love that you let the Daddy Long Legs be there, thanks for that:)

  6. What a lovely Angel your Son made!

    My list of Angels is gathering in my head, but Yes, of course Patti you are one of my Angels :-)

    Blessings to you at Christmas.

  7. As I read your post Patti, I had visions of all the blogging angel/friends that we connect with around the world...all connected by lines of light; all my blogging angels and your blogging angels and everyone elses blogging angels, interconnected and intersecting and forming an angel 'web' covering the globe. What a beautiful image!

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  8. myla.persianblog.ir22 December 2007 at 08:18

    Dear patty, thank you for your kindness. How great that you will be near in Aus. Your presence somewhere near, will make the whole place as colourful and warm as your paintings.



  9. Oh this is a beautiful post and testament to those who've made an impact in your life.
    That angel is so precious!
    Merry, Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Patti, you are right. If I were to list all the angels in my life in 2007, I would be sitting here listing for a very long time. Thank you for this reminder. Oh, and I'm glad you let the Daddy Longlegs live.

  11. Lovely thoughts, Pat, Will see you in the New Year for lunch by the sea, XX


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