Monday, 14 January 2008


Inspired by Kate I I have been thinking about a single word to summon up a focus for the New Year. My word for 2008 is 'balance'.

Balance is important to anyone's wellbeing and last year, despite my efforts, it remained elusive for me. This year balance is coming easily to me and it's in part due to improved health and partly due to a new attitude.

Over the holidays I read The Yoga Of Eating by Charles Eisenstein, which gave me a new perspective towards my eating habits. Eating mindfully, listening to your body and being aware of the vibration of the food we eat, was the message here.

Before Christmas, inspired by better health, I did a detox of sorts eating totally vegetarian, no alcohol. This year I have settled into a balanced routine where I eat what my body tells me to eat, when it tells me to eat. Nothing is off-limits, but the aim is moderation or 'elegant sufficiency', as my mother would say. Now I eat a little meat every now and again, maybe a glass of wine, or a piece of chocolate. These things all add sweetness to my everyday life and I believe saying no to everything only leaves you wanting. The aim is health.

I have also aimed at a balance in my painting habits, taking breaks more often, before a sore neck tells me to stop. My painting is actually much better for the rest and I don't know why I thought I could push past my body's signals before this!

Yes, 'balance' is it.


  1. what a great word Patti! Bob chose that as his word for this year too.

    I agree that total denial is so self defeating. I seldom crave sweets until I've 'gone on a diet" and tell myself I can't have them anymore.

    I'm sitting here watching your art gallery slide show and really enjoying all the wonderful colour flashing before my eyes. I'm wondering if you've thought of selling prints of your work...either on your site or at an etsy site...just something to consider.

  2. I agree with Kate - make sure you take some samples to our Gnostic cafe. Thanks for a balanced lunch today!

  3. Hi Patti. Love the drawing. Now if only I could do the pose. Tee hee.

    Great word. Well, I'm a libra and they are supposed to be about balance. The scales.

    Sounds like you are starting the new year off right, listening to your body. I haven't read that bk but read the quotes on Kelly's blog. I tend to eat they way you described, anything i want whenever I want. A bite of chocolate, a potato chip. Meat or not meat as my hunger leads me. My weight is almost always a few pounds either side of 110. And taking a rest is very good. I believe in stopping, resting, allowing transition time between activities if possible.

    You are honoring your body and it'll be intersting to follow your story through the year. Blessings, Suki

  4. What a fantastic focus word for 2008. The astrological energy for making BIG things happen is strong this year. Focusing on balance should prove to be advantageous.

    Have you had a chance to check out World Yoga practice month at Its a great community of supportive and friendly Yoga practitioners.

  5. Hey Patti, I am so behind on reading blogs and I've missed your artwork and thoughtful posts! I love your word for the year...balance. So important to strive for balance in all we do. Again, you inspire me! Happy New Year! Beverly

  6. yes - I am seeking balance as well - or maybe balance is seeking me - in any event - a reminder is always helpful - best to you...

    xox - eb.

  7. Beautiful word to work towards! I'm enjoying Joe Cocker singing my fav song of his - thank you!

    I'm currently reading "Eat Pray Love" and I think I'll try "The Yoga of Eating" when I finish. As a reader of mostly fiction I'm finding my tastes are beginning to change so it is nice to have some recommendations!

    Great art work to depict balance!

  8. Hi Patti. Just wanted to thank your for your caring comments on my "mountain" post. Your words of encouragement and wisdom mean a lot to me. I know you are right, things will move and change and work out.

    do you know Marianne's blog. She paints mandalas.

  9. Patti--

    While it hurts in several places from merely looking at it, I love this drawing! I need to step back and stop envisioning myself in that least, not in my current physical condition.

    Balance...yes. I'm also enjoying Eisenstein, and it is amazing how much my body is willing to help me know what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat to meet my body's needs.

    Just as we can listen for the inner Self, we can listen for the quiet requests from our body. The process is much the same, don't you think?

    Thanks for this great post.


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