Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Home Baking

In all the books I have read on creating a Vegie garden, the advice has been that I should observe the site to see where the sun falls, locate the direction of the wind and become familiar with the fall of the land. Despite being very keen to start, I held myself back from digging and took their advice. Just observe. Sadly, the site gets a lot of shade in winter and I don't believe that this is the best place to plant. We have a sunny patio tho, so vegies in tubs will be the way to go. Back to my planning again.

I have been very busy in the kitchen lately, baking apple & banana muffins and another cheesy version. It is wonderful to smell the aromas wafting through the house while the rain falls outside. Very cosy.

If you're interested in vegie gardens and baking down to earth is a fantastic blog by an Australian who is living the life I would love to have. To get there takes many small steps. I have taken a few baby ones but have a long way to go. Rhonda talks about sustainability, frugality, baking and just living a slow and grateful life where every little thing becomes special. Her bread is so good to see. Soon I believe we will all be returning to this kind of life out of necessity and the tips and experience that Rhonda provides are so valuable.


  1. Oh can I stop by for a muffin and a spot of tea? They look wonderful. I know what you mean, creating a sustainable life is slow. I will check out the blog you mention. It sounds interesting. Veggies in tubs is a good idea.

    When planning an herb garden, susun weed recommended sitting in your garden spot for quite a while before planting, to get the feel of it or something. My garden here gets morning shade but afternoon sun so I hope the tomatoes ripen. Tomatoes are the hardest for me. They seem to rarely have either enough time or enough sun to ripen. Have fun with your baking and garden, Suki

  2. These look scrumptious. I'll get the recipe from you when I visit next month.
    Love the still life too.

  3. Patti, I checked out that blog. amazing garden and also amazing that so many people visit the blog. Zounds.

  4. I am now hungry... Wasn't, but now I am... Those muffins look delicious... Kayce

  5. Oh, these muffins look wonderful. (Recipe, please?) Also, thanks for the link to Down to Earth. I just visited the site and you are so right about it.

    Enjoy your muffins!!


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