Friday, 13 June 2008

Walk With Me

The Problem: Lately I have been having difficulty sleeping, often laying in bed awake until 3.30am, only to be woken up after a blissful 2 hour sleep at 5.30am by the alarm clock. This makes for a day where you could easily fall asleep in the washing machine tub, the kitchen sink or at the dinner table! I have been reminding myself of my son when he was small, falling asleep into his dinner face down, while sitting in his high chair :) It was funny at the time!

The Remedy:
I already walk for half an hour each day and my clever husband suggested that what I needed was a longer walk, more like an hour, to make myself tired enough to sleep well.

The Action: We took his advice and Jess and I now take ourselves down to the bay which is a five minute drive away from our home and walk and walk. It is so peaceful here and if I was a painter of 'scapes' this would be a perfect place to set up an easel.

The long road winds its way alongside the houses that edge the water and this old house on the high side of the street begged to be photographed. It could probably use some tender loving care though. I always think that big houses look great until you have to clean them and fix the roof!

Many gardens of the houses along this street are lovely and this Australian native grevillea has such beautiful colour.

There are many private and public piers extending out from the houses that sit alongside the water. Jess and I walked out on this one while she sniffed at all the watery, muddy mangrove smells.

An hour later this gorgeous girl and I were ready for a rest.

The Result: I slept more soundly than I have in years.


  1. What a beautiful place you live in Patti. I felt as though I were there on the walk with you. It was fun to find out in the end who Jess was, too :) I'm glad you got a good rest, xxoo, O

  2. Beautiful place Patti, reminds me of when I walked along the beach where I use to live, I tread that place in my mind now, until I am able to go back. Love your blog, it brings peace. Can I add you as a link to my new blog page? My blog page is changing a lot as I am experimenting with it.

  3. I'm glad the longer walk helped with your disturbed sleep. I have had bouts of insomnia now and again. Torture.

    Thanks for the walk through a region i may never visit, but who knows. I love seeing Australian flowers and the house is stupendous. Your sweet dog is a dear too. Sleep well, Suki

  4. Warm milk before bed with a dash of whisky, they tell me! Being active certainly is the way to go, though.

  5. I found you through the Down to Earth blog. It looks like you have lovely surroundings in which to enjoy a walk and a beautiful fur friend to keep you company!

  6. What a gorgeous view of the water. It almost looks like a painting! Aren't you blessed to have such a wonderful friend to walk with...but did it help? I sure hope you're sleeping again, it's not fun. I found you from someone who left your name on down-to-earth! Nice.


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