Monday, 2 June 2008

I am in the middle of a cat painting which is coming along nicely. I have not had the chance to paint for a couple of days and used to think having breaks in between while creating an artwork was annoying. I felt it broke into the meditation. But I have learned that sometimes it is a good thing to walk away and think about it some more for a day or two. Paint in my head first. If you were to draw me as a cartoon character, you would see a bubble over my head as I walked around, with a canvas inside and lots of changing colours and re-positioning. Digi artists do this on their computer, I use the bubble. Now I know where Bill Gates got the idea for windows!

For now though, 'Lucy's Swing'. And in another bubble, a still life for my dining room wall.


  1. I love this one Patti, this might be the one that I buy as I don't have any of your work yet - what are the dimensions? Can you post it ??

  2. Oh, Lucy's Swing is just gorgeous. I love the magic feel of it.

  3. I love your Lucy series. "Diving Deep" is my favorite. I was wondering what kind of paints,etc. do you use?

  4. This is beautiful artwork, very bright, colourful, and feminine somehow, like a quilt or woman' work .....
    have dropped in from zena moon's sacred sunday list,
    wonderful blog you have,


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