Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I Am.........

A longish meme I found on Dove Love's Points and Passions which you are welcome to share;

I am: a child of the universe......
I think: deeply
I feel: peaceful
I have: faith
I know: there is magic all around
I wish: on the evening star
I hate: bullies
I miss: summer
I fear:
mental confusion
I hear: silence
I smell: organic chai
I crave: the grittiness of life - have you read 'The Razors Edge' by Somerset Maugham?
I search: and often find, the magic that is out there
I wonder: a lot, about time travel/quantum physics - are people travelling back in time as we speak? I believe they are.
I regret: not going to art college at 18 yrs
I love: family, art, yoga, dark chocolate, chai, film noir
I ache: for people less fortunate than me
I am not: pessimistic
I believe: in a responsive universe
I dance: in the kitchen
I sing:
out loud, often
I cry: under intense pressure
I fight: to keep my integrity
I win: when I am conscious
I lose: when I am not conscious
I never: say never
I always: have breakfast
I confuse: when I meet ambiguity
I listen: to sixties music - Woodstock era
I am scared: less often these days
I need: yoga
I can usually be found: making art
I imagine:
colourful paintings in my head
I am happy about: practicing yoga


  1. Once again, your bravery is shining through. It is not easy completing the lines honestly. You have revealed a bit more of your beautiful self!

  2. Oh this is a beautiful list Patti. I had to chuckle at-- I always have breakfast. Me too. You have revealed so many facets of how you thing of yourself here. Thanks for sharing this. And thanks for all your recent reflections on my blog. Suki

  3. Patti, I too enjoyed getting to know you better through this list. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness and authenticity. Love, O


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