Friday, 15 August 2008

The Wafting Wind

I have not posted poetry for ages and found this one that I wrote last year which you might enjoy;

The Wafting Wind

Under a grand oak tree canopy,

dark with shade & fragrant with rich, musty earth,

a flurry of leaves floated & fluttered and fell.

So I climbed upon one

& was carried away by the wafting wind.

Over steep, red rooftops & winding, dusty roads,

past soaring white seagulls & a lonely lighthouse,

where the glittery, turquoise sea meets the soft, yellow sand.

Dancing waves threw salty spray in my eyes and

before I could cry into the sea

the wafting wind lifted my leaf

in a swirl, with a flourish & a twirl.

I was trapped in a sail taut & white,

while sailors pulled ropes below on the wet, shiny deck,

too busy to notice my turbulent flight..

Before I could grasp the weathered, wooden mast,

the wafting wind returned

to carry me back past soaring white seagulls,

over a lonely lighthouse & winding, dusty roads.

Over steep, red rooftops,

to rest under a grand oak tree canopy,

dark with shade & fragrant with rich, musty earth.


  1. What a beautiful poem, Patti, a beautiful journey to go on as I read it feeling lights as air, Love, O xxoo

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! I am not a poetry person, but this could certainly be the beginning of a conversion!

    I really like your new "look" - the waves are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful poem Patti and I like your new look too. BTW Alan was checking your Blog yesterday and said `Wow! Patti's Artwork is excellent' - first time he has noticed your slideshow :)

  4. Ah to fly in the wind on the back of a leaf. What a lovely imaginative poem, full of joy and a titch of fear,and then to be returned to where one began. You have as gracious a way with words as you do with paint. Be well and thank you for your comments on my blog re; my sister in law's death. Blessings, suki


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