Sunday, 5 October 2008

talking to plants

at the findhorn foundation spiritual centre, founded by eileen caddy, the cabbages are famous for their size (40lbs!), reputed to be a result of connecting with nature in a spiritual sense. in essence, talking to the plants.

in the sixties the centre, originally a caravan site on a scottish hillside, attracted lots of attention from television stations, wanting to record the 'miracle'. hippies they may have been, but the results you cannot argue with! the findhorn foundation's ecovillage, like their famous cabbages, is still thriving today.

in our little vegie patch, the seedlings i planted only a couple of weeks ago have tripled in size. i talk to mine as i water them each day & i'm thinking i should meditate on my peas, cucumbers & tomatoes as well & see what happens! :)

do you recognise the seedlings in this next pic? they are bonus seedlings that have emerged from the compost and i don't have a clue what they are. we'll have to wait & see i suppose. i hope we like eating them cos there's plenty of them!


  1. Looks like your garden is doing well being talked to. The bottom photo plant does look familiar but I don't know why? Is that lemon balm up top? I love lemon balm. Fun to see your garden beginning when mine is ending.

  2. Beautiful garden! I hope (if you are growing cabbages) you also have 40lb ones! I too talk to plants and some days it is the best conversation I have!

  3. I've been talking with my lavender which I planted a few weeks ago ... she's coming along beautifully now!

    I've also started growing herbs in the kitchen - italian and purple basil, peppermint, thyme, dill, normal and italian parsley, and chives ....

    Love watching my garden grow!


  4. I'd vote for lemon balm, some kind of mint or catnip. =]

  5. hmmm...can't tell what those little plants are. Interesting though to see what they turn out to be.
    Your garden and these pics are beautiful.
    I always talk to my plants.

  6. Spring... SIGH!!! We are entering Autumn and it is chilly. This is good and bad.

    Findhorn is a fabulous place - a friend of my Mum's lived there for a few years: the tales were interesting, but I have not been (yet).

    I am quite interested in finding out about Steiner's biodynamic gardening/farming too - that produces amazing results also.

    Nice to catch up, it been an age! :-)


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