Saturday, 15 November 2008

a friendlier world

can you remember a time before blogging? our social networks were certainly a lot smaller then.

it was interesting to hear Mena Trott the co-founder of sixapart (the company that created blogging software - typepad/vox etc.) doing a TED talk about blogging in the early days - imagine just 100 blogs!

blogging statistics show conflicting estimates on how many blogs are actually out there now (but then what do statistics really mean anyway !) in any case, for me, the world is definitely a friendlier place.


  1. A time before blogging?

    A yes, I used to read those things...what were they called?, that's not it...buuks...not that's not it, either...bookhs--that might be it.

    Anyway, it is hard to know what those statistics mean--considering that so many people have blogs that they only share with close friends or family, and there are many (like my first blog) that nobody other than the author knows about (considering that that blog was made up of incredibly angry rants when I was going through serious depression, that's probably just as well...but it was useful for me to have an outlet.

    Love the flowers....

  2. There are two sides to every coin. The internet is such an amazingly wonderful tool, and blogs are such a good way to meet new people and explore new ideas. The other side of that coin (my opinion only) is that as a peoples our social skills are diminishing. While some might find it easy to maintain a balance between their on-line social networks and their real life social networks, it is much easier for some of us (me included) to be social in this world. Probably a sad comment on myself, but I love the internet and all it's choices!!

  3. For me, as an introvert banished to the boondocks where there are many trees, few people, blogging has been a wonderful way to keep in touch, express myself and hear what others have to say. Previous to blogging, I had many friends in the place I lived for 30 years, but I measured the pace of my outgoing social self quite slowly. I was glad to have my real life friends and would like to have some in my new place of residence but talking ot friends on blogs is so important to me. I dont know what i think re; loss of social skills. Hmmm, we shall have to wait and see about that one I think. Interesting post, Patti


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