Saturday, 1 November 2008

in search of wisdom

as someone who is always in search of wisdom (it's never too late!), i loved this short andrew zuckerman video jen lemen posted recently. you might like it too.


  1. Patti this is a wonderful video. So inspiring. Interesting though, that the speakers are all "of a certain age." I wonder what some younger people would say about wisdom. Thanks for finding this and sharing.

  2. Patti, this is like good news. I feel comforted by the words of these people, and feel that we are all one, and if we are ready to see and accept this, tolerance will come to us and we can practice what we have in us, unconditional love and keep agressivity banned, thanks so much for sharing,

  3. What an uplifting, thought provoking video! Excellent find - and thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love your green pussycat, nice new look!


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