Saturday, 8 November 2008

a new companion

for a long time now i have felt the need to write a journal. i have an art journal which is a purely creative place to play, express artistic ideas & emotions, collect meaningful quotes etc. i still write poetry from time to time, although i haven't been involved with writer's island for the longest time & i have to say i miss it. blogging of course, is a journal of sorts, but it was a personal space that i seemed to need.

while reading the artists way i would get up early every morning to write stream of consciousness 'morning pages'. these pages were great & helped to identify the hot & cold spots going on in my life at the time. but i found it difficult to fit them into my early morning routine.

now, i meditate first thing in the morning. great for re-charging the mind & connecting to that 'creative genius in the sky', but still there are thoughts that need to be written down on the page, whatever time they might appear in my head.

life's companion:journal writing as a spiritual quest was just what i needed to get me in the zone. it is a guide to journal writing for those who want to connect with their spiritual inner self. it contains lots of guidance on ways to get thoughts down & how to seek your own feedback. it always surprises me that i live inside myself 24/7 but don't always know what's really going on in there! today i wrote five foolscap pages & it really does feel good. something is shifting inside me.

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  1. Patti, this sounds so great, to get back to journaling. In fact I have been writing a few small bits in a journal after a number of years of not doing so. And after many years of many many journals written. I own/owned this book and found a lot of valuable things in it. Not sure if I still have it in the storage unit or if I passed it on. At one point I thought of teaching a journal class but I never got it together. Good luck with writing.


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