Tuesday, 5 May 2009


This vase of native Australian banksias I painted on the spur of the moment in my journal. It was late at night, in poor light, on not-very-water-colour-friendly paper and it is kind of messy. But I somehow liked the result just the same!

Thanks so much Lynn (belatedly) for this Uplifting Blogger award!

Lynn's blog has in turn been uplifting for me and is full of beautiful art & craftwork and appreciation of the world that she lives in. Do check her out here.

I have also just begun responding to comments on each post, by return comment. I enjoy the exchange of communication with other bloggers who do this and thought I would do it too. So if you commented last post, pop back to the comments and take a look.


  1. This painting is lovely Patty. I've been watching the "Slide" show of your paintings here and am so struck by the beautiful colours and design in your work. Your blog header is quite stunning. I really think your work would make lovely cards as well as prints!

  2. so fun to see these interesting Australian flowers via your paintings and photos.

  3. Cards would be a good idea too Kate - thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate your artistic 'eye'.

  4. Suki, Australian natives are beautiful and unusual. They last for quite a while as a cut flower.

  5. I really, really like this one. So sunny and full of life. I'm glad you shared it with me! And congrats on the award!


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