Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Energy = Art

I love the art of Rebecca Cool and was interested to see these two sentences on her artist statement - "Rebecca is happiest when she is creating. She can't work when she is sad or tired."

How true is this for you? I know it is for me and recently, sadness and tiredness have been hanging around me like the two annoying characters, 'depression' and 'loneliness' in 'Eat, Pray, Love', who shadow Elizabeth Gilbert while she's in Italy!

Yoga has been difficult to kick-start, despite wanting and knowing how good it is for me. What to do? This week, with the help of warm & sunny weather, I have begun walking again twice a day. Getting outside with Jess the border-collie in the sunshine and passing the time of day with other walkers, seems to be just what I need right now.

Happily, the urge to create rides on the back of all that new energy. This pic is a journal page currently under-construction.

I hope your day is a creative, happy and energy-filled!


  1. glad you got outside and walking. that sounds good. I havent been walking very much myself and need to do some in this lovely summer weather.

  2. returned to check out Rebecca's art. reminds me a bit of some of your paintings too. the bright colors and forms. i cant work when tired but i can when sad as it helps to work the sadness out.

  3. Energy and good mood are suck fickle fellows! I'm so glad you have a walking buddy who gives you a reason to get out there. Sunny days are such a blessing. They are few and far between this year in Toronto. We are getting so many cloudy, grey and wet days! My best to you. I hope you find the energy for some yoga soon.

  4. Er, SUCH fickle fellows.

  5. Patti, Hi, thanks so much for your comment on my blog on the moody Sunday woman:)
    I know this feeling: where to kick-start into the things which do us good, once we are in this special kind of mood.
    The walks are the best to get us out there, out of our heads and sticky thoughts, I'm so glad you are feeling more energy right now. Greetings from across the ocean to you my friend,

  6. PS: While I was writing the comment, I so enjoyed the "Tequila Sunrise":) thanks so much for sharing this soothing music!

  7. I know this feeling Patti ! I have been gathering the strength to pick up the good tools I know work and give me back my energy. The biggest challenge for me is to not get too down on myself for having put the tools down for a while...
    Walking with the pooch is a definitely good tool in my tool box ! And those four legged guys are so grateful for it too.
    Be gentle with your self-pushes ! It looks like they are taking you far...
    Here's to doing what feels so good once we remember to do it ! ;)

  8. Being outside always makes me feel better too. With all you've been through lately it is no wonder that sadness and tiredness want to be your shadows! And add to that it is winter for you! One day at a time. You'll be back on the mat before you know it!


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