Saturday, 25 July 2009

One Sentence

When I first ventured into the blogosphere, the happiness project was one of my first finds - a wonderful blog belonging to Gretchen Rubin, who has written a book tracking her very own happiness project.

I was hooked right from the start, I mean who doesn't want their own happiness project? Gretchen always gives plenty of food for thought, links that inspire and I love the discussions that emerge from her posts. A recent post on the subject of drift invited comments that were so touching. The pursuit of happiness hits a nerve in all of us.

One of the tips that I have taken on board from the happiness project is a 'one sentence journal'. There is not always time to sit down and journal everything that goes on in our day, but one sentence is absolutely do-able and as we have found, all that you really need to bring back a happy memory.

I found an old, empty journal and have left it open on our kitchen counter. It is mostly my daughter and I who write in it, the occasional visitor or sometimes a family friend. Anyone is welcome to contribute. It is a fantastic way of tracking what goes on in our lives.

My Daughters entry: 14-03-09 - "There were dolphins at the beach this morning, diving among the waves, while we trained on the sand"

My entry: 22-07-09 - "Went into the city today to do the NSW Art Gallery with my sisters & niece/nephew - a great day! (Hottest July day in 19 years)"

It is such a simple & effective idea and we love it at our place! Go visit Gretchen, she's a gem!


  1. I love the journal idea Patti and the fact that you leave it on the counter for anyone to jot in. I;ll check out the links. HOT. I dont know what that is. Wet, damp, cool here.

  2. Thanks for sharing "the happiness project" - I don't remember hearing about that before.

    And I love your single sentence journal - and the fact that you invite others to share in it. How wonderful it will be to relive the days that have been captured there.

  3. Hi Patti !
    Love the idea of a one sentence journal...I think it would be a perfect way to end the day - my hubby and I do pillow talk gratitude moments every night and we could add the writing of our one sentence into a journal as a way to document this practice. I so love and appreciate talking this time to give thanks every day for the little things.I would probably do the writing but that's all good !
    Love that your kids are in on the great stuff too !
    Have a super weekend !

  4. I used to check into the happiness journal regularly but haven't done so for ages....thanks for the reminder. I really like the idea of the one minute journal and leaving it out for others to share. I think I'll try this!


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