Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Snail Control

This is our resident Blue Tongue Lizard basking in the morning sun. He has a most beautiful bright blue tongue that I was unable to capture with the camera. They are common in backyards in Australia and are always welcome because they love to eat snails. (They are too slow moving to catch anything else!) So it's no coincidence that his home is right next to my herb/veggie garden where the snails congregate in the evenings. They don't mind humans, tho we'll have to try and keep the cat away from him if we want him to stay!

My copy of Steve Pressfield's The War of Art arrived yesterday and I read it in a couple of hours. There are some great insights & advice in this book. The focus of Book 1 is 'Resistance' and how to recognise & understand it, stare it in the face and sit down to create anyway. So I did!


  1. What an amzing creature to see in your own backyard. Beautiful! Have you ever been inspired to do a piece about your blue-tongued friend ?
    Happy Reading, lovely Patti !

  2. This fellow is amazing! The first question that came to my mind is...just HOW BIG is this blue beauty?

  3. Good to see you here, Patti. That book sounds very good, I could use it, will get it...wait, no I actually HAVE it, just need to read it :) Very interesting looking lizard! xo,O

  4. He is a handsome beauty - and I agree with Kate, wondering about how big he is. Looks like he could be a bit on the large size. But never mind, eating snails makes up for anything!


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