Thursday, 19 November 2009


Today I found myself with a day empty of plans, with plenty of time to play. The body of the tree is one of my old doodles from long ago, pasted in the journal and painted around. The snowbird emerged seemingly from nowhere and insisted on sitting at the top of the tree. It is very, very hot here today, so maybe it is my sub-conscious desire for coolness taking over!


  1. so peaceful and the colors easy on the eyes. Oh man, I wish it was hot here today. Puff, puff, I am blowing some of this cold over to you.

  2. That is really pretty. For some reason my brain can't comprehend how you're able to create something so cool looking when it's so very hot there. It seems like the heat would creep onto the page.

  3. I think that the snowbird and the peaceful theme and the coolness emerged from the emptiness of the day---the free space that allowed you to create. One of my desires is to feel this openness and receptiveness to what the Universe has for the day, instead of my own fixed plans.

    Last night we lost power for most of the night, ran the generator for essentials like the refrigerator. Today we got a late start. Several plans were cancelled and instead of plowing into work I let the day unfold a bit. It's very cold, dreary, stormy, and your painting is inspirational. I compare it to the one I won from you (!) that is here in my nook, all energetic and fiery, and I realize that THIS (the one in your post) is how I need to spend my day today--in peace and calmness and slowness.

    Blessings, love, and gratitude,


  4. Although I live in a desert, our nights are now cold (at the freezing mark). Our days are much cooler as well. And while there is no snow in sight, I long to be a snowbird and fly away to a warmer climate.

    I really enjoy this work of art - purples and pink and ready to soar!


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