Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pink Pages

In these pink pages I have pasted some little designs I made years ago. Once they were buried away in a box. Here in my journal they get to see light of day.

I have been listening to podcasts over at notes from the voodoo cafe that Suki kindly alerted us to ..... artists talking to Rice Freeman-Zachery about their love for the art they make and the importance of journaling to the creative process. These artists are so generous in sharing their wisdom and experience. I found myself taking down notes, it's all great stuff, too good to miss!

Then, as if all that creative goodness was not enough, I watched teesha moore's new videos sharing her journalling techniques and tips. After a couple of months at a distance from art every day, I'm now all squirmy & motivated, itching to get started! Every day!


  1. This is cool Patti, that you are re:motivated. I just watched a few of Teesha Moore's videos too. Love your sweet hearts!

  2. So fun to be inspired and have those "itchy" fingers ready to go ! Enjoy the creative flow, lovely Patti !


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