Tuesday, 24 November 2009


An African princess ..... the reflected glow of firelight.... blue shadows ... contemplating her betrothal? .... She seems happy with her future.

This journal page began with an old design of mine also. The eye (on your left) was cut out and pasted, then the princess emerged.


  1. Oh Patti! I really like this one. Somehow a bit Picasso meets primitive - if you know what I mean. Bold and beautiful!

  2. such bright and cheerful colors. Nice the way you reused an old design too and from that emerged the painting.

  3. Wow, Patti, this is so free and loose. I love it. I especially like your treatment at the bottom with the mountains and shadows.

  4. I really love the choice of patterning in her eyes and lips...not to mention the contrast of the purple/blue of the shadow against the radiant yellow of her skin...she is exuding light and a peaceful kind of joy for sure.


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