Saturday, 26 December 2009

christmas day 2009

at lunchtime on christmas day, it was overcast, hot and humid - fairly typical weather for this time of year. hard for northern hemisphere folks to get their head around, i suppose. while i was waiting for family to arrive for a late christmas lunch, i made up a jug of pimms with lots of ice, lemon, orange and cucumber slices and sprigs of mint .... so refreshing.... i sat on the deck with my journal and found myself painting a witch-doctor mask [i'll post the finished product later].

this is what happens when you journal ... things just appear from somewhere deep in your psyche and it's often a surprise to see what's actually going on in there. i browsed through violettes 'journal bliss', a christmas gift, for some inspiration.

my daughter knows me well and without fail, chooses a gift that is special. this year i received two beautiful exotic looking tea cups, a box of chai tea bags, a new journal for writing in and a fat book of fiction to read.... totally spoiled...

today - boxing day, is cool and rainy, courtesy of the tail-end of 'cyclone laurence' that has been hanging around in queensland for the past few days. quite a contrast to yesterday's heat. the whole neighbourhood and my own household, is quiet as can be - all sleeping in after a full day of food, family and festivities. i'll go now and add this christmas to my gratitude list.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day after christmas.

  2. What a great Christmas and Boxing Day you have had! I LOVE living where Christmas is in the summer. I am not a cold person! :-)

    Love the cup!!

  3. Wow...not only did you have a hot and humid Christmas, but you're already talking about Boxing Day in the past tense....season's greetings from the cold, snosy other side of the planet...even if it's not the same season...

  4. Oooh, I love the tea cup. I used to collect tea cups. It's good to be spoiled.


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