Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mischievous Creature

Here is the witch-doctor painted in my journal, as promised.

He is not a malevolent creature, more likely mischievous! He will happily plop a snail into the bottom of your drink, slip an ice cube down the back of your shirt, or hide under the bed and grab hold of your ankles as you're about to climb in!


  1. He's a smiling witch doctor. An ice cube down my back might actually be WARMER than it is here today.

  2. Love your friend the witch doctor and the voodoo that he do so well.

    Happy New Year !

  3. I love him - but if anyone from below my bed grabs my ankles they better be prepared to fight!!!!

    Great video on Music for the Soul"!!

  4. Hi Patti, I love him too, mischievous:) and I hear him laugh, it's more like a cackle, no?
    Have a wonderful blissy slide into the new year:)
    Your blog is inspiration, keep going,
    love from Paris

  5. Oh he looks and sounds just like my DH jester!


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