Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Word for 2010.... Change

Wordle: Word 2010

2010 can be glimpsed if you just take a peek over the hill, which means it's time to choose a word to focus on throughout the new year. Visit Christine Kane for loads of inspiration.

2008 was all about 'balance' and I really did find equilibrium during that year..... then somehow lost it again in 2009 when I was supposed to 'listen' to the intelligence of my heart and soul. I was thinking that this word was a fizzer until just this month, when I was given a huge prod from the ether.... I couldn't help but listen!

So now it's time to embrace 'change'.... reconfigure and change my thinking, creative habits, surroundings, how I treat my body..... shed this old, scaly skin. Some changes have crept in already, they wouldn't wait for 1st Jan, so I'm well on the way to a better place.


  1. Thank you for reminding me to do this!

  2. Change is good - a clearing out of the old, bring in the new. Seeing things from a different angle, or a new time frame. Maybe that is why I've moved so many times.......Ring in those changes!

  3. great word for the new year. hmmm, maybe i should pick a word too.

  4. Bravo for already being on the way to making those changes that your being needs. I am not ready to focus on the word for next year - I still need to do some more celebrating for how far I have come this year !It has been a big one for me!
    Enjoy embracing the change, wise One!

  5. I think "change" is an excellent word for 2010 - a new decade and a new you!! I think the current you is pretty amazing so I'm looking forward to watching you evolve even more!

  6. Thanks for your comment. Love your artwork and quotes.

    Funny thing is I won't go near a karaoke machine. When I hear karaoke's about to begin, I run screaming from the room...


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