Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Year End

Both books are full of fantastic advice and inspiration from working artists. It was so good to get inside the artist's heads, all different personalities with their own unique ways of working, but essentially each one living in the same lovely creative zone. Their studios range from organised messes (like mine!) to works of art in their own right. Now I want to paint my studio!

Despite being all creatively motivated, I've been happily absorbed in end of year activities. On Saturday we caught up with family for a christmas party and it's always good to see everyone.

My son finished his Year 10 exams, dressed up in a suit for his School Formal and performed on stage at the School Variety Night (bass guitar). Next week is his graduation from junior high school, then the next two years he will work towards the Higher School Certificate (the final high school qualification in Aus). Soon school will break for the summer holidays, so we'll be heading to the beach as usual, no doubt.

I also visited some girlfriends for dinner & champagne and afterwards we sang Karaoke to 'Singstar' (Playstation) - I'm still laughing, it was so much fun!! There's a Diva in all of us!

This journal page is a rough one, an idea quickly set down on the page. I feel I want to add some more detail, so I'll leave it to sit for a while.

I hope your year is winding up happily too!


  1. I'm so glad you had a fun night out with your girlfriends. I'm hoping for something like that soon, too.

  2. Beautiful page - love those colors !
    Sound like you are having a year end tha fills the heart ! So glad to know it...
    Much love!

  3. wonderful journal page. so cheerful. congrats to your son! you must feel so proud of him. Summer. Get me there.

    I read Rice's first book but have yet to buy the second. inspiring. take care

  4. I really love this page! The colours make me so happy!
    Don't you just adore Rice's books...?? She has such a wonderful way of bringing the essence out of people. I was very happy to be a part of her first book - Living the Creative life!

    Love, Violette

  5. Oh what a wonderful time you seem to be having! I love all the family activities! I really like your journal page - the colors are just so striking! Happy Holidays!!


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