Tuesday, 12 January 2010

She Dreams of Spring

Mother Nature, deep in a quiet, white winter sleep, dreams of Spring... tiny buds sprout at her fingertips, butterflies flutter at her breast, the snowbird brings the first green leaves for her approval ....

From snowbirds to songbirds - a musical delight - Diane Birch - listen here and here


  1. This is a sweet focus for those of us who are up to our ears in winter. Beautiful music, and of course, your painting is wonderful Patti! Blessings and love, O xo

  2. Paull in zero degrees NYC is looking forward to spring also!

  3. I really like this rendering of Mother Nature. Not something that would could from my mind, but it is PERFECT! Really lovely, Patti!

  4. :Your art is always such fun.


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