Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Tea Party

Yesterday afternoon I went to a tea party for my friend Jen's 50th Birthday. We ate gorgeous homemade cupcakes, chocolate slices, lemon tarts, delicate sandwiches and mini quiches, all washed down with a variety of teas, sipped from gorgeous cups. A beautiful old-fashioned tradition we should try and visit more often!

A Tea Reader told us interesting things about tea and taught us how to read the leaves in our own cup - which cup is the best for a reading (a rounded smooth cup) how to swirl the leaves around, when to up-end your cup, how many times to turn the cup, always ending with the handle pointing towards your heart. How to be patient and intuit what the cup is showing you.

In my first cup, I found a map of Australia with Papua New Guinea above it and a winged creature - either a dragon or dragon-fly, butterfly or bird - I'm still not sure which it was.

Later in the afternoon, I had my aura, palm and tea leaves read by a Romanian born gypsy called Inge, as we sat under the shade of a tree in the backyard, windchimes tinkling in the background.

We left the party feeling very well fed, with thoughts, images and suggestions swirling around in our heads and a jar of home-made pickles in our hands (made by Jen's Mum). Happy Birthday Jen!


  1. I adore tea parties and they are not held often enough, I agree. This sounds truly magical with tea leaf readers and all. Glad you had a wonderful afternoon and Jen had what sounds like a delightful party.

  2. Co-incidently we had a tea party this afternoon, sans leaf reader. Scones and cream and black cherry jam, old friends, kids, dogs (licking up the crumbs) and cats in the courtyard. A great way to spend a hot, humid afternoon. What colour was your aura? I've always thought yours was crystal.

  3. What a lovely idea for a Birthday Party, especially a big O. I would have loved to be there.

  4. Wow, what a very cool day you had! I see a buffalo or some similar four-legged beast in profile, head to the left, with someone (a Samurai?) trying to ride it but slipping off the back as the animal bucks.


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