Sunday, 24 January 2010

Creating Space

This morning I looked in my wardrobe and it was not in very good shape!

Where did all those clothes come from that I don't wear, because I don't like them, don't fit into them, no longer have a lifestyle that matches them, or do wear, knowing they are not quite me?

So every little thing had to be pulled out and thrown on the bed for sorting - clothes, bags, belts, scarves, hats - anything that didn't pass scrutiny was packed into the charity bag. I now have oodles of spare coat-hangers, loads of space and a beautifully sorted (if sparse) wardrobe. I even found some items I didn't know I had! This has created space for new clothes when they find me, clothes that I hope will reflect 'me' in a more authentic way.

Then on to the spare room to sort through stacks of children's books, puzzles and toys from when my children were small. It brought back lots of happy memories of reading much loved bed-time stories to sleepy children. So many sweet and intimate moments with each of them. Time to move them on now (with the exception of a few sentimental treasures), so others can enjoy them.


  1. when I had to leave my 20 year rental house (as they were selling it) I had to sort through all the accumlated and saved things. I had a lot of clothes culled from thrift stores. Elegant and unique items but...most had to go including the vintage. I also had to sort through my son's toys and saved games etc. When I had the space I was happy to save these things. But most of my saved stuff ended up and is still in storage so the large, 6 month long, culling took place. It does feel good to have that space for the new.

  2. My word for this year is release and I can relate to this. I think of culling as releasing stuff to the universe that others can use and appreciate.

  3. It feels good to have a beautifully sorted wardrobe, I love this feeling:) Glad to see you are putting more space into your life,
    have a great weekend


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