Monday, 11 January 2010

Feeling The Heat

Yesterday was so oppressively hot, it was a relief to head down to a local beach with friends to see an art exhibit (very worthwhile) held at the surf club. Afterwards we sipped a cold glass of wine on the balcony, so needing that cool ocean breeze! The only way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon!

This journal page is of course the hot, hot sun and a label from some sandalwood soap I bought years ago at a Buddhist Institute. Not sure why the label is here on this page, I'm still scratching my head about this. I do love the smell of this soap though. The wording on the label says 'Sandalwood ~ For Courage ~ not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them'

I'm nearing the end of my first ever journal, having only three pages left to go. I thought I might tidily end the year in this one, but it was not to be. Last of all I will collage the outside of the journal, currently a plain black. The next one sits waiting for some new ideas and techniques...and on we go into 2010...


  1. Ahhhh...I am soaking in the heat from where you are...through my window that sun is beating down, in spite of the fact that it is -11celsius this morning.

    Funnily enough, I was looking at my journal and realized that I only have about 5 pages left until it is full - my third one, the biggest one. I also leave the cover black as I work in it - a title for the document seems to come when I am done and dictates the decorating of the cover. Too cool that you are experiencing the same process !
    Enjoy that summer and have a cold wine toast for me up here in the cold when you can !
    Cheers, Lovely One !

  2. congrats on nearing completion of your journal. I almost filled a handmade journal last year but skipped the last few pages. Although i've been keeping written journals since I was a child and most of those are ocmplete and visual journals of one sort or another since I was 50. However I dont necessarily work them into the last page. Heat. Thanks for saying you would send some my way. If only.


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