Sunday, 28 February 2010

All You Need ...

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My head has been filled lately, with thoughts on love, friendship, and communication. How one friend described relationships as having emotional bank accounts that are usually in credit, so some slips, mistakes and mis-communication are forgiven, life goes on. Sometimes though, that bank account slips into the red and the relationship ends.

I have no problem with living without money in my 'actual' bank account, there is always something out there for the resourceful. (not recommended though!) Love though, is real wealth, what we are all seeking in everything we do. And like all forms of abundance, those who already have plenty of love, seem to attract even more.

I have found myself back doing yoga & meditation again (a joy to me) and this is what I think about. How we use love as a way to wield power by either giving it or withholding it. What would you do for love? When would you withhold love? How would it feel to be without love? What if mis-communication somehow blocked the path to love? Lots to meditate on.

However your emotional bank account sits at the moment, I'm sure you'll agree, love is the spark that starts the engine, the flint that lights the fire. Love is a verb. It's all you need.


  1. Helen Jane Morley28 February 2010 at 21:25

    Great to see your Blog back Patti and with the bonus of some Art :) Alan and I have missed our daily `fix'. You are certainly very fortunate to be loved so much by so many (and I am only 1)

  2. My Love Account is really full. I also work really hard to keep it that way. I am learning that mis-communications and such can be a way to achieve even more love and understanding ( a dividend of Love Work) when we let things go or when we find ways to work through it at a love level).
    My biggest challenge is the Self-Love account - maybe like a savings account in the money world ? That is the one I often forget to contribute enough to. Working on it though...
    I do know for sure that Love is the Answer to Every Question - without any doubt in my mind, body or spirit!
    What do I send in abundance to the remarkable artist/seeker/lover of live woman named Patti ?
    You got it, my friend...much love...

  3. great thinkings with no easy answers really. love is the most important money in our bank accounts for sure, but love can be offered in so many different ways, tempered by our personal modes of being. sometimes others will not recognized what we give as love, sometimes they reject it because it is not what they imagine love should look like. Yet to me, the love is there anyway, whatever the other thinks or sees.

  4. Oh so true! I imagine a world (or life) without love is like being in hell. Must be.

    Good to hear you are back with your yoga and meditation practices. Namaste friend!

  5. Beautiful art, and I'm glad to see you here again too Patti. Well, one thing I enjoy about love is that when my account is low, I can always GIVE some love and in the giving I do receive, even if not necessarily from where I'm giving it--it's in the act that the reward is somehow there! Much love, O

  6. Great post, Patti and thanks for visiting my blog. I'll get you on the blogroll very soon!

  7. For some love seems to be a bank account and they use money to try to "fill" the obligation of love. But they lack some kind of truth. The kind that is open and vulnerable. Love then become measurable but false, in my opinion. If you are not willing to be honest an you are manipulating the other person...though you may do some loving things in another context they can not be viewed in any other way than manipulation.

    On the other hand...I always tried to fill my children's emotional bank account....and as a result didn't have the behavior problems my friends had with their children. It required a lot of time and less running around.

    I guess ultimately what is the fruit of your love. If it is bearing fruit then I would say that you are putting in deposits. But just like you can drown a plant...if you don't see what you want step back and evaluate what is really needful.

    My mother always complained that I wasn't building bridges. But bridges to her was just a band-aid of "things" sent to each other without understanding...because how can you understand someone you don't know or you don't trust enough to reveal yourself too?


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