Friday, 5 February 2010

Sneak Preview

Okay, so the blog break is over already! I can't keep away!

I have not produced a painting for about six months and this has been because there has been a lot happening in my life - big health issues that have interferred with sleep, extreme heat to cope with this summer, new friends to get to know, end of old year activities, start of new year activities.

Life seemed to take over and while journaling was happening in spurts, there was no clear space in my head or energy for a big painting. I have never been able to produce good art if I am tired and distracted. It takes a lot of energy to be creative and there are lots of decisions you must make at every turn, whether you are painting, writing poetry or making music.

How do your creative babies arrive? Quickly, one after the other, or are they born slowly and magestically? Mine are usually in the latter camp. A few days ago after a couple of nights deep and refreshing sleep, I knew exactly what the next painting would be and was able to sketch it out quickly in my shopping list notepad.

This here is a sneak preview and it is far from finished. Lots of detail to be added and the cat badly needs a makeover! I am loving this painting and feel as though the break has been good for me.


  1. I tend to be a quick deliverer of creative babies. Big spurts of energy that come and take over for a while and then get quiet for a bit until they start again.
    So glad the creative rhythm that you needed has returned. This piece is magnificent ! The colors make my heart sing and it makes me think "What a beautiful ride !" this life is !
    Big creative love to you, Wonderful Patti.

    (PS : Thank you for the comments you have been leaving for me on the blog. They have touched deep inside. Thank you.)

  2. Pretty, pretty. I'm so glad you're back and with a bang with such a great painting. It looks great to me right now (if you hadn't told me it wasn't finished I wouldn't have known).

    I'm thinking I must be like you. It takes lots of energy to create. I have to be able to be focused, not distracted. And plugged into that part of me that creates, centered. I'd like to experience with creating when I'm not that way and becoming centered too. Right now I don't.

    I learned a new word today: "distrait" meaning distracted, primarily because of anxiety. This is how I feel much of the time, and so I don't create. Again, I'd like to experiment with using the creative process to get there instead.

    I'm so glad you're back Patti. I love your art, and you.

    xo, O

  3. I. Love. Justine. Musk.

    Thank you for sending me to her, Patti. She is amazing! I am going through her posts and cracking up, laughing. She is so bright. I entered her contest. Thank you!!



  4. hi, i just popped over from suki's because i saw this lovely, bright and colorful-full painting and just had to see to whom it belonged...this is so true what you have expressed here, that it takes time time time... and some don't really get that, the ones who can bang out a painting a weekend...but that's ok, all in it's own time...and this was such a lovely baby you birthed :)

  5. What a gorgeous work of art this is - and will become! I cannot wait to see the completed project. And I'm glad you are back!!


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