Saturday, 5 June 2010

Black & White

This pic began as a doodle. The plan was to make a zentangle, inspired by Kate I. (Take a peek at Kate's zentangles, they're beautiful!) This is where I ended up!

I was thinking about my mother as I doodled (she died 12 months ago), about how creative she was.

Mostly her creativity emerged from the sewing machine and I remember a beautiful fabric collage she made of a night-time scene, handstitched with twinkling stars. She made tiny dolls clothes for our 'barbies' and clothes for us five kids.

Back in the seventies she made a deep purple caftan for me with a butterfly embroidered on the front, after I had described it to her once. It was perfect! She was quite talented in this way and happily, she passed on her creative gene to my siblings and I, in one way or another. Thanks Mum!


  1. Mmmm...Love the stories of the gifts from your Mom. I could almost see the creations she made right in front of me as you described them! I want that purple caftan with a butterfly now !!! Don't you think caftans should be the norm for all ? ;)
    Love the black and white doodle - the empty space makes it some how.
    I hope your sweet memories bring you to a gentle peaceful place as you remember your mom's passing and celebrate her life once more. Big Hugs, Beautiful !

  2. This is a wonderful zen tree and flower (we both did trees today!)
    and mom memories are beautiful too. Hugs!!!

  3. I too was inspired by Kate I, Patti. What a beautiful zentangle! So lovely. It is your style even though it is in black and white.

    How special to have had such a mother. I'm sorry she is gone...glad that you have memories like that of her.

    xo, O

  4. that is beautiful, love the tree zentangle idea
    followed you here from Teesha's Circus
    Anni in Toronto

  5. Mum made me a pin-tuck detail (sleeves and bib front) mini dress - copied from a picture in vogue, worn by Twiggy. Whipped it up in hours. Thanks for the memories.

  6. Love the drawing. And stories of your mum. How lucky you r to have been passed the creative gene.


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