Sunday, 13 June 2010

All Cosy

'Little Swimmers' - Water colour & Ink

How do you like the new design feature on Blogger? I thought I'd change mine and I quite liked the options available.

It's a long weekend here in Australia - Queen's Birthday. It is clear skies and cold here. I'm snuggling up with the heater after watching my son's soccer match this afternoon, as the sun slowly dipped and the shadows crept across the playing field. (We lost).

We're having pasta bake for dinner - everyone's favorite! Maybe chill with some journaling while I listen to music this evening. Others in our household will be getting up at 4am to watch Australia play Germany in the Soccer tonight - not me though!!


  1. I played around a bit w/the new blogger feature too. I like your choice for you. Bright sparkly colors. Yr not getting up at 4 am?? Goodness!!

  2. It's funny that I didn't see how much the Zentangles that I was doing were so similar to what you wonder I enjoyed them so much! I love your artistic style and your bright bold colours...they make me happy just looking at them!

    Stay warm!

  3. Like the new design ! I have to find some time to play around with that - my blog feels stale to me.
    Especially love the sunshiny orange !
    Love the fishy piece too.
    Stay cozy on this long weekend. It is feeling like spring here lately instead of the summer stuff we wereenjoying a week or so ago. Looking forward to some warmer temps. Salads and barbecuing are the thing here right now.

    Big Love to you, Sweet Aussie Lady !

  4. I love the new design, Patti. And the painting, so Zentangly! You sound very peaceful and laid back, so nice! xo, O

  5. I too love your new blog look. So bright and sunny! Ourp
    Temps were cooler today at 100f. I always find it amazing our seasons are opposite. Enjoy the rest of your day. I'll be pulling for Australia too!!

  6. I have to say I'm really impressed with Blogger's new design - they have given a few options which seems a lot better than the previous ones. This is a lovely colourful blog.

    CJ xx


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