Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Moving Day

Bubbles of excitement are living in my belly lately, since I'm on the verge of sending my 'babies' away to be exhibited! 

Having added a table to my old studio, I decided that the room was too small and so I switched rooms with our spare room. Much better!  More space and better northern light, meaning it's more comfortable temperature-wise too. And it's more secluded, so less disturbances.

The above painting I created this afternoon after spending the morning happily screwing in hardware onto frames and canvases.  And in this next pic you get a glimpse of my next painting on the easel.


  1. Patti, I love getting the blogs about your life. Your paintings put a smile on my face, always. And the colors wake me up and inspire me to keep painting and blogging. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. nice you had room to set up this new studio which works better for you. I agree w/above commenter. your colors always cheer me and energize me.

  3. What beautiful babies you have...and how wonderful that they will be on exhibit for others to enjoy. I have to remind myself that they are paint and not fabric. The one in the lower right of fish with white borders reminds me of batik. Cheerful, happy, delighted color and movement make me feel GOOD to look at them!

  4. I too am excited for your exhibition, Patti. Your space, your blog, you paintings are filled with beauty. Love, O


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