Saturday, 26 June 2010

Business & Pleasure!

This week I've been getting some of my paintings ready to hang in an 'exhibition space' down in Sydney.  Lots of excitement and plain hard work to get everything ready - the business end of making art.  Wish me luck!


I enjoyed a birthday dinner last night with some friends over a bottle of wine at a busy, but very cosy pizza kitchen.  A lovely night!  This jewellery box decorated with mosaic is a gift made by a friend - isn't it just beautiful?


  1. Fantastic Patti I am so excited for you about the exhibition. And that jewellery box is reallt special. Party On!!

  2. Lovely Box !
    Good luck with all the preparations !

  3. happy birthday. gorgeous box. wow. a show. sounds so exciting. best of luck. yes, the getting everything framed and in order is so different from the making of things.

  4. Happy Birthday! We share a birthday month! ;-)
    Yes, the box is fantastic! Lucky you.
    Glad you had such a good time celebrating.

    And am sure your show will be a smashing success!
    Enjoy it! Bravo!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Patti! and congratulations on showing your work. This is a great month for you, no? I am very, very happy for you. Love, O

  6. Wow! wish I could be in Sydney for the opening! Best of luck Patti.


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