Saturday, 4 September 2010

Satisfying Endings

It seems to be all about satisfying endings around here lately!

This zentangle with a splash of colour I made on the last page of my journal, on the last day of the month.  A tidy ending to August and the journal!

There's been plenty of Spring rain the past couple of days, so it's been easy to stay indoors and get some studio time in. I'm on to the last stages of a big painting...nearly there Helen! 

Tomorrow we're off to my son's soccer final - will they get into the Grand Final??  Fingers crossed!

I spent time with a friend yesterday and delivered a couple of paintings to their new home.  It's always a good feeling to see them hanging in someone elses house. Totally satisfying!


  1. sounds like a lovely ending to august for you with lots of good things happening. cheers!

  2. Your zens are great...both journal pages I see here are! Are you doing the Sketchbook project or is this your personal keeping it sketchbook?
    yes, to see ones art in anothers home is awesome.
    I love how the orange matches the background on your blog. I love coming here, as it brightens my day.

  3. Brava ! Love the fancy zentangle with that great patti touch ! Glad the spring is treating you well - cozy time to create is wonderful. We just has our first taste of Fall coolness...I am ready for it. I think ???? ;)
    Happy Creating, Gorgeous One !

  4. Great that some of your 'babies' have flown the nest and landed in a friends home- which ones were they? I love your paintings here in my kitchen- they are very much part of our lives.

  5. Love the zentangle! Good luck to your son - hope they win. And wonderful to have your art hanging in people's home. So nice to know they bring joy to so many people.

  6. I love your journal pages. Reminds me of when I was in high school - I used to doodle on the sides of my notes all the time. I never colored mine it though.
    Love your art!


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