Monday, 27 September 2010

Getting Warmer

You can tell it's getting warmer down in this hemisphere when I start thinking about the beach, shells, surfboards, waves...  I painted these shells a while ago in a scrappy old sketchbook, then decided to cut them out and paste them into a nicer neighbourhood!

The surfboard is a photo I took a couple of summers ago.  A surfer threw down the board, flippers and towel while he showered off the salt water and sand & headed for the shop.  A classic beach shot, printed out on my printer and pasted in the journal.


  1. Oh to be where it is becoming summer. I love summer. thanks for sharing

  2. Ours is ending yours that fish!

  3. I love all those fish painted by u, I am a piscan!

  4. Summer fun ! I just spent a lovely fall week at the beach - it is really magnificent at every seasons, isn't it ? Love the shells and the happy mood.
    Hugs to you!

  5. Cold tday, wasnt it? and windy at the beach. I love the sea at any weather,beautiful pictures!


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