Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Wildlife

Black Prince
This is a once highly prized, Black Prince Cicada that we used to try desperately to collect when we were kids.  There are hundreds of them around now, this one on my front doorstep.  Max tells me a Water Dragon ate him soon after this pic.  The law of the jungle!

Speaking of the law of the jungle, my cat Phoebe caught a foot long water dragon (lizard) this morning and brought it inside the house between her jaws.  I rescued it and set it free across the street, hopefully it is okay!  No pics of this little drama!


This pic was taken at around 5.30 pm in the afternoon, feeding time for these lorikeets.  His friends & family were in our neighbour's backyard and he was the only one feeding on bottlebrush. We keep the cat in when the birds are around! 


  1. sights and sounds seem amazing where you are, Lovely Patti ! I am sure they will be inspiring art work as I write.
    Happy Home days !

  2. Fun to hear and see your wild life adventures. I come to wish you a Happy and Creative New Year!!!


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